Yesterday was one of those days. I had to cancel all my plans because, the devil sent the demon of ruining plans my way. I had my day all figured out but this visitor made sure that nothing worked out. In the evening, I was in a matatu stuck in traffic. The driver had tuned into one of those radio stations were callers spew nothing but bitterness. I don’t know why some people are so into negative vibes! The guy seated next to me had a man bag, which really broke my heart. I hear that there is a clutch bag version for men called the ‘murse.’ What the hell is happening to the boy child?

Anyway I got to the CBD some few minutes to 7:00 pm and while wading through the human traffic, a hawker grabbed my hand. He wanted to draw my attention to the coats that he was selling.

“Madam ona hii camera ni size yako!” He made his pitch.

“Si leo boss, next time!” I replied trying to free my hand from his grip.

“Unajua mtu wa size yako venye ni ngumu kupata nguo itamtosha kama hii? He asked.

“Next time tafadhali!” I insisted then left in a hurry.

He reminded me of some of the struggles I have gone through because of my size and height. From the stupid questions people ask  like: Are you a model? (despite your height). Where does the food you eat go to? Do you even eat? How come you look smaller every time we meet? To the annoying nicknames like laptop, portable, 1 GB. Am not sure if the tall skinny chics have the same struggles like we short ones do. Weight is a weighty issue for every chic but just because am skinny don’t think that am safe from body esteem issues. Below are some of the things that short and skinny women can relate to:

  • You have that one male friend (mostly a gym enthusiast) who likes lifting you up without notice as if you are some freaking dumbbell. How annoying!

Grumpy cat

  • Your grandma has never forgiven you for being petite in fact, she is constantly asking you when will you visit her so that she can fatten you. Your mother gave up on your ‘growth and development’ progress.


  • The stare you get whenever you go for a second serving! Cheeiiii!


  • Your younger siblings have ever introduced you as their younger sister. Sigh!


  • There is an annoying colleague in the office (mostly from IT department) who likes giving you obnoxious nicknames like laptop, 1 GB, last born…..aaaaaaargh!


  • Every time you go to donate blood you are told, “Madam enda ukule kilo ka mbili au tatu za nyama alafu urudi!” immediately after you step on the weighing scale. That makes you so sad.


  • You have used the window to exit the house more times than you are willing to admit.


  • Shopping for clothes can be a nightmare because sometimes, the right fit is almost non-existent. Infact, that blouse you used to wear in class 5 still fits perfectly.

No Fit

  • In your pursuit of love, you have ever encountered a jerk of a boyfriend(s) who always tried to make you feel bad for being petite. Look dude, if you like bigger girls, don’t hit on a skinny chic! It’s that simple! Mscheeeew!


  • There are people who assume that you have a loud mouth to compensate for your small frame.

The Hell

  • You have ever gotten away with some fashion crimes, like wearing a DECENT crop top to work. Kwani boss iko nini!

crop top

  • Belts are fundamental!


  • Guys use your size to identify you from your clique.



  • Dealing with people who assume that you are very athletic just because you are skinny!

Angry hit

  • In this era of socialites, there is societal pressure to go under the knife for a bigger bosom and behind. It makes you sad to hear someone say, “A real African woman must have big curves!”


  • But despite it all, you secretly celebrate when you get on the weighing scale and your weight is the same as it was 4 years ago.


No matter your size, there is beauty in every size. Confidence is sexy ladies.



Gifs: giphy.com

Feature Image: Buzzfeed




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