I once attended this event where I sat next to one of my local celebrity crushes. I won’t mention his name because the brother man be married, actually he was on the seat between his wife and I. Because I can be so dumb, I had tucked in my tummy out of tension na hata crush hakunotice. Further more, It was a night event so were in the dark, hangenotice anyway! The stupid things a crush can make you do. Lakini hata sikuskia wivu, at least I talked to my crush when asking him if the seat next to him was vacant. Before you laugh at me, make sure you have ever met at least one of your celebrity crushes in person. Lately I have been feeling lethargic, it’s like I am running out of ideas. Feels like another writer’s block is a few miles away and I can sense it. It’s a feeling almost the same as I felt that event with my crush.

That is why I have been listening to a lot of music to cheer myself up. I normally listen to tons of music, but last week, I increased the amount of music I listen to. You see, I am the type of person who gets obsessed with a song then replays it a gazillion times till it becomes boring. Last week though, I was looking for new music to get addicted to and revisiting songs I was addicted to in the past. That’s when I came across the song Murderer by Bobby Mapesa, Calvo Mistari & H_art The Band and fell so madly in love with it. Bobby Mapesa nailed his verse. I love it! I know it was released last year, I fail to understand what took me so long. And it was produced by super producer Dillie! I was lucky enough to meet him in the course of duty ….you know I have a thing for track producers right? So the first time I met Dillie I was like,

(Restraining myself from hugging him) “Oh my God! You are Dillie! (Realizing I am starting to get weird) Sorry for my lack of decorum, I such a fan! Like your biggest fan ever!” I managed to mumble

“Nice to meet you….my biggest fan” Dillie answered.

My knees got weak! It’s a miracle I didn’t faint! For those who don’t know Dillie, he is the beats master behind hits like Sanaipei’s Ankula Huu, Dumbala by Jay A & Sage, Vile Inafaa by MDQ & Octopizzo and Juliani’s Utawala among others. I had a massive crush on his beats and meeting him made me fall in love even more. This brother man was super down to earth. He manufactures certified bangers on bangers and still it has not gotten to his head, how cool!

Anyway, where was I? On the music I have been listening to. I also came across Mchezo Ni Kwako (remix) by Rosa Ft 125. Super dope track, also produced by Dillie. There is a chic in the video who twerks with tons of enthusiasm, just thought Team Mafisi should know hehehe! I then revisited DJ Khaled’s ‘Major Key’ Album and my favorite track from this album still is Holy Key by Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean & Betty Wright. I know that, I Got The Keys by Jay-Z & Future and Do You Mind By Nicki Minaj, Jeremih, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future and Rozay got more radio airplay, but Holy Key is still my favorite. People can make fun of Khaled but this guy is talented yawa! Super talented. Have you heard Drake’s Nice For What? Deep stuff. I got a major #tbt from Beyonce’s My Rock. Aaaaaw! Such a beautiful song #IfikieBae

And what about Yemi Alade? This chic puts in the work. She goes all the way to produce nothing but good quality music and my current favorite song from her is 911 which she performed together with Krizbeatz & Harmonize. This song made me put my hand bag down and shoki in the middle of the street! But I quickly remembered the gang that was snatching handbags in Nairobi and came back to my senses. 911 is certified! Valid! Legit! If you go to a club and the DJ does not play it, huyo ako attachment! I also revisited her song Ferrari and I think its message is very clear, “Love no be for mouth oooh” #ifikieboyshaod hehehe!

Then, over the weekend I attended a wedding and it was beautiful! I love weddings. They bring families together, promote fam time and also sort of rekindle your dwindling hope in love hehehe! I can now proudly report that I also received another strong from Mama, venye nilidaka maua at the wedding despite attempted sabotage from my enemies, eeh mnajijua! 

So all I am saying dear reader is that you pardon me because I don’t have a story to tell this week. I was carried away by the beautiful vocals of Amos & Josh on their breakup song Heri Tuachane. Although I felt like the acting in the music video was wanting. Busy jamming to Joh Makini’s lyrics on the song Hesabu. Marveling at J Cole’s bars on the songs Wet Dreamz, and Black Friday. Chanting “Mama I Made It” with Cassper Nyovest. I was receiving the peace of the Lord that surpasses human understanding through Paul Clement’s Amenifanyia Amani. Dancing along to Push Back by Neyo, Bebe Rexha & Stefflon Don. And most of all, I was getting goosebumps from the lyrical prowess showcased in Khali Cartel. So pardon me please.


Si kazi ya kanisa ka haina ganji basi kazi imekwisha

Khaligraph Jones

Rapper, The Real OG, Papa Jones, Their Daddy, Their Father, Favorite (OK enough Agnes)


Till next week, have a lovely one.


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