The last few days have been crazy for me. Really crazy!! I am have been going through a number of changes, changes that sort of induced some self doubt, the kind of self doubt that induces a writer’s block. Or maybe the block came before the self doubt, I don’t know. Over the weekend, one of my exes called me to tell me that he loves reading my blog. I don’t know if that is a sign he wants me back or a sign that I am beginning to make it life hahaha! It feels nice to get feedback, so kama hii blog inakubamba ama inakubore sema tu, haidhuru. Anyway, I hope to get over this writer’s block soon.

A few days ago, a certain lady found me talking to myself in a Russian accent at the mirror in the loo. I don’t know why I chose a Russian accent, but I was trying to talk myself into doing something way out of my comfort zone. I was shaking while chanting, “Yes Agnes! You got this! Yes You can!” The lady got worried and handed me her business card which read ‘Psychology Counselor’ obeee! “Call me when you are ready to talk.” She said. Sometimes fear can drive us crazy and it is very easy to become a slave of fear. Especially when there are millions of voices yelling at you, “No you can’t!” It is very easy to believe the naysayers’ opinions.

So today I will share a story that I wrote in the first days of my life as a writer. Can’t believe I have been doing this for more than a year now. I penned this piece with tons of doubt. Back in the day when I wanted to be bad ass controversial and shit hahaha! Some people keep telling me to be a controversial writer but I love my positive vibes. Ama ni dhambi kupenda positivity aye? This piece was a rant but oh well, I got over it. Read it and rate my controversy on a scale of 1-10. Ama controversy ni nini? Anyway, I will be waiting for your responses.


There is a breed of men that I think are nothing but a total disgrace to entire Homo sapiens male species. Men who do anything and everything to shame other well behaved men. They flagrantly ooze unmanliness that spoils the air like a silent lethal fart. Their every waking day is spent dragging the name of other good men in the mud. They are as annoying as they are appalling. Any woman worth her salt would rather be single till kingdom come, than date any member of this breed. These men, indulge in a terrible habit that I can’t overlook – nagging. I honestly thought this was a reserve for unhappy immature people who would rather stay in an unending plight lamenting bitterly through it all, than walk away, but I was shocked to meet a grown ass man who nags like he is being paid. There is nothing as distasteful as a nagging man and am speaking from a very experienced point of view.

So there is this chap who I exchanged contacts with. We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and he was to call me so that I could advise him on some matters relating to my field of expertise. I gave him my number because my dear friend begged me to assist him. We talked and I agreed to offer him guidance wherever I could. However after some weeks of staying in touch, I noticed that there was something I did not like about him. He was a tad too full of himself and it was evident in the way he replied to my messages. But because I like to choose my battles wisely, I kept that opinion to myself. After all, that was not my problem. My issue begun when he started texting me a little too much on matters totally unrelated to the help he was seeking. I thought that the solution was simple, ignore him, but this dude here, thought that the blue ticks meant I was playing hard to get.

Soon he began flooding my inbox with annoying messages like, “Jibu text! Sponsor hukufa!” So nowadays when a chic blue ticks you she has a sponsor? I was pissed as hell so I told him to stop contacting me if he had no more important issues to talk about. Here is the thing, not everyone is always on WhatsApp waiting to respond to your multitudinous messages. Sometimes am too busy, it’s called juggling between jobs, dude should try that someday. Just because am online, doesn’t mean that I owe you a response. Sorry to say this, but It is men of this kind who push young lasses into the welcoming arms of sponsors who have an insatiable appetite for PYTs.

The funny thing is that he is now complaining about being in the friend zone. News flash honey! We are not friends, you are an acquaintance. Friends don’t nag! If there is one thing that you have taught me, nagging will not get you the girl. So the next time you are hitting on a chic, and I say this because you have lost any chances of getting me to go out with you, try asking her out nicely. Find out what she likes and also try to know more about the kind of person she is. And please for the love of God, don’t expect things to always go your way because she might turn you down, even if you make Trey Songz look like a one-eyed ogre! One more lousy text from your nagging ass and I will block you. Just thought you should know.


This article was originally published on The Sleek Tv

N/B: Jaber Jasunga, I see you girl! Thanks for the love.


2 thoughts on “DON’T BE NAGGING HOMMIE”

  1. Yeeeiy Agita story teller.
    You narrate stuff really well, I love how you blend realia and creativity

    Plus…I’m not sure if its only me who feels this agita touch..haha


    You have a writers block but I still get inspiration from it, you’re narration gets me riding on some peng’ hahaha I feel like it’s a movie and I’m watching from your words.

    That is too much already…keep writing

    Liked by 2 people

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